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In the real world, meanwhile, a city-wide ban on cats is being enacted and implemented with an eerie resemblance to Hitler and the Holocaust.

Butters is in “Professor Chaos” alter-ego mode here, but his continual attempts to cause trouble throughout South Park – from blocking out the sun, to beheading the town statue – all seem to be sourced from .

) one of those 20-minute 3 am infomercials shilling knives or exercise apparatus.

, as ever, devastatingly skewers a shared cultural reference point in "Cash For Gold," which also (as the title suggests) takes aim at those high-street shysters buying old gold at knock-down prices from the hard-up and desperate.

was a counter-cultural revolutionary of a TV show, an ode to all things sexual and scatological that looked like it had been animated in the creators’ garden shed.

Best noted for the ire it drew from parents groups and the weekly deaths of perma-hoodied fourth-grader Kenny, it bore all the markings of a flash-in-the-pan success, tie-in merchandise quickly shifted by the million and a movie fast-tracked to the multiplexes almost immediately. ) years later, and far from having been consigned to television history, .

When she completes the diamond, she turns into a evil ‘mech-streisand/Godzilla’ and tries to destroy South Park.

After exploring the site, the kids pick up the final piece and are subsequently kidnapped by the evil Barbra.

His escalating frustration at his inability to come with an original idea is a source of great comedy.

Elsewhere, Cartman is disappointed with his “Sea People”, a razor-sharp parody of the sea monkey phenomenon of the era – “seaman” puns swiftly beckon.

Surprisingly, however, Butters confides in his newfound robot friend that he is harbouring one of Cartman’s secrets – video footage of him dressing up as Britney Spears – and plans to share it with the world next time he is mocked by him.

Cartman remains committed to the robot costume, at the expense of his hunger and health, and joins Butters on a trip to LA.

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