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Found out that many guys won’t mind if you’re honest and if they like you it shouldn’t be a problem. I had been ‘talking’ to a guy for a few months when I found out I had GHSV-1, we weren’t dating or anything, in fact he was deployed overseas at the time and he and I knew one another from mutual friends before he joined the Army.

I’m a really outgoing guy, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and have very few secrets. I’ve taken 5 different girls out so far, had the talk with all of them.…I’m a female and I felt like I’d be alone cause I had herpes and would be less desirable.When I told him I had HSV I was crying hysterically and he looked at me like I was crazy because he said I had no need to be so upset.He almost laughed at me because he thought it was so ridiculous that I thought that having HSV could change his mind about me.He is so completely supportive of me and does not let HSV stop our relationship emotionally or physically.I have never been…I was diagnosed with HSV1 & 2 in Mid-March after having my suspicions since December 2010.

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