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The personal life: This is still often a public part of our lives, but it is focused on a life outside of jobs, careers, and professional-related goals.

This life includes such things as friendships, relationships, family, and hobbies, although only to a certain depth.

It might also involve your religion (particularly if you attend church, thereby making your practice more public) and certain groups or communities you may belong to (while others of these will be private).

Information (non-work-related) that you feel comfortable divulging in casual conversation with an acquaintance probably lands in this sphere.

The personal life can be an important component of professional relationships.This Haiku Deck presentation template for a personal profile was created using the Picaresque theme, image filters off.More about Haiku Deck themes: examples of "About Me" Haiku Decks here: yourself! You can pull directly from your camera roll, Facebook account, or Instagram collection.The private life: Most people do not want this life to be public.It includes the deeper aspects of relationships and friendships, facets of ourselves that we think we will be judged for, and certain stories from our pasts.

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When someone doesn’t share these norms or has parts of the private life come unexpectedly to light, the result is often scandal and/or controversy: for example, when Penelope Trunk tweeted that she was at a business meeting and in the middle of a miscarriage, or when a politician’s unconventional sex life becomes headline news.

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