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Archaeologists opened a dig at the site and uncovered evidence that supports the looters' claims.There are traces of bronze artifacts in the ground, and the soil at the site matches soil samples found clinging to the artifacts.The next day, Westphal and Renner sold the entire hoard for 31,000 DM to a dealer in Cologne.The hoard changed hands within Germany over the next two years, being sold for up to a million DM. In February 2002 the state archaeologist Harald Meller acquired the disk in a police-led sting operation in Basel from a couple who had put it on the black market for 700,000 DM. In a plea bargain, they led police and archaeologists to the discovery site.

The two looters received sentences of four months and ten months, respectively, from a Naumburg court in September 2003.They appealed, but the appeals court raised their sentences to six and twelve months, respectively.The discovery site is a prehistoric enclosure encircling the top of a 252 metres (827 ft) elevation in the Ziegelroda Forest, known as Mittelberg ("central hill"), some 60 km west of Leipzig.The treasure-hunters claimed the artifacts were discovered within a pit inside the bank-and-ditch enclosure.The precise dating of the Nebra sky disk depended upon the dating of a number of Bronze Age weapons, which were offered for sale with the disk and said to be from the same site.

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