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Freud stated her symptoms to be attached to psychological traumas.

The painful memories had separated from her consciousness and brought harm to her body. She is reported to have gained slight mobility on her right side.

Another possibility is that traumatic events are pushed out of consciousness until a later events elicits or triggers a psychological response.

Support for this idea has come from studies in which trauma was temporarily induced.

The association persisted after controlling for a range of potential socio-demographic confounders.

Some psychologists support the theory of repressed memories and claim that repressed memories can be recovered through therapy, but most psychologists argue that this is in fact rather a process through which false memories are created by blending actual memories and outside influences.

One study concluded that repressed memories were a cultural symptom due to the lack of written proof of their existence before the nineteenth century, but its results were disputed by some psychologists, and the lack of written proof was eventually partially disproven.

Data on the traumatic event exposures was limited by the relatively restricted range of traumas examined, and the lack of contextual details surrounding both the traumatic event exposures themselves and the severity of children's post-traumatic stress reactions.

This is the largest study to date of the association between childhood trauma exposure and overgeneral autobiographical memory in adolescence.

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Overgeneral autobiographical memory has repeatedly been identified as a risk factor for adolescent and adult psychopathology but the factors that cause such over-generality remain unclear.

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